IC Design Software for Linux, OS X and Windows
Physical Layout - DRC - Extraction - Simulation - LVS - Automation
In Business Since 1996, a California Corporation
New in 2017: Permanent Licensing available again!
Development Plan for Xic in 2017
  • Support for complete flow from synthesis to layout, based on open-source tools similar to Qflow.
  • Complete turn-key support for X-Fab CMOS processes.
  • A new open-source router plug-in called MRouter, derived from Qrouter by Tim Edwards of eFabless.com and opencircuitdesign.com, available now!
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Welcome to Whiteley Research!

The Fourth Generation XicTools Software

Whiteley Research offers the XicTools software products: Xic is a graphical editor and design tool for integrated circuit mask layout, schematic capture, and much more. WRspice is a companion circuit simulation tool. XicII is a powerful yet inexpensive physical layout editor and layout file manipulation tool based in Xic technology. Xiv is a layout viewer and file manipulation tool based in Xic technology. Versions of these products are available for Linux, Apple OS X, and Microsoft Windows. This site provides information about these products, and contains the distribution point for the software packages. Also provided is a small archive of free software programs.

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