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Major News! Product sales have been discontinued.

All products are free Open-Source.

Release branch 4.3 (post-production) packages are now available, (Apache-2.0 license).

Sorry about this: Package distribution will be discontinued temporarily, for a couple of reasons. First, my day-job prevents the attention needed to keep up with rapidly changing operating systems such as Ubuntu, MS Windows, OS X, and others, resulting in broken packages and frustration from you all (I'd be pissed too if I downloaded something and it didn't work). Second, there is a major update in progress to attampt to get around the decision by GTK developers to go with cairo graphics exclusively in GTK-3, eliminating the GDK drawing package that was "only a thin shell around the X windows system" (which was perfect). Much work is needed to get current with the GTK toolkit without loss of performance or capability in rendering of large layouts.

Future distributions may rely on building from source, avaliable from github.com.wrcad/xictools

These products have had a nice run of 21 years in the commercial marketplace. We've reached the point where this company does not have the resources to take the software to the next level. Dr. Whiteley, the founder of the company has decided to not "sell out", which would almost assuredly mark the end of life of the software. Rather, by releasing the software into the open-source domain, it is hoped that others will help carry this work forward. Dr. Whiteley, will continue evolving the programs, both directly and through coordination with interested developers. The Apache license is compeletely free and open, allowing commercial use and even resale. Packages will continue to be available from this web site, but no more licensing or passwords.

To our customers: Thank You for your support over the years.

The new XicTools-4.3 consists of a git repository which generates 8 packages: Xic, WRspice, vl (a Verilog simulator, stand-alone and integrated into WRspice), MRouter (a maze router for Xic), adms (a Verilog-a to C++ converter for creating WRspice plug-in device models), FastCap (capacitance computation from geometry, for Xic), FastHenry (inductance extraction, for Xic), and mozy (stand-alone help/html viewer and accessories). These programs work together and make use of common resources, and the packages will supersede those previously available from this web site. Package sets will be available here for a number of supported platforms, including OS X, Windows, and various Linux flavors. OpenAccess support is back, and Safe-Install is now supported in Microsoft Windows packages.

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The Fourth Generation XicTools Software

Whiteley Research offers the XicTools software products: Xic is a graphical editor and design tool for integrated circuit mask layout, schematic capture, and much more. WRspice is a companion circuit simulation tool. XicII is a powerful yet inexpensive physical layout editor and layout file manipulation tool based in Xic technology. Xiv is a layout viewer and file manipulation tool based in Xic technology. Versions of these products are available for Linux, Apple OS X, and Microsoft Windows. This site provides information about these products, and contains the distribution point for the software packages. Also provided is a small archive of free software programs.

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