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WRspice 4.1.10 11/22/14
Xic 4.1.3 12/9/14
xtlserv 4.1.2 9/29/14

  • The alpha-test series for Gen-4 Xic has ended, so Gen-3 is now officially deprecated and will disappear.
    There will be no more Gen-3 releases. Users are encouraged to update to Gen-4. The final Gen-3 distribution files are still available in the "old-gen3" subdirectories in the archive, for a while.

  • Generation 4 XicII and Xiv are now available. They are no longer separate distributions. Just install Xic, and read this.

  • Generation 4 is now available, for RHEL6_64, RHEL5_64, RHEL5, Windows, and Apple Mavericks. New xt_accs XicTools accessories distributions are now available.

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