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  • Release Notes for Xic and WRspice distributions.

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    The archive contains:
    • a free Verilog simulator
    • a free layout editor
    • a free html viewer
    • other goodies
NEWS! Current Releases
WRspice 3.2.20 9/24/12
4.1.7 6/3/14
Xic 3.2.29 7/17/13
4.0.8 7/20/14
xtlserv 3.110/11/10

  • Generation 4 is now available, for RHEL6_64, RHEL5_64, RHEL5, Windows, and Apple Mavericks. New xt_accs XicTools accessories distributions are now available.

  • Support for Generation 3 will continue, bug-fix releases only.

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